Top 10 Real Betis Best Players of All Time

Real Betis have been one of the clubs to make soccer enjoyable in Spain and Europe.

Just like every other club, the Spanish club started as a small soccer brand but is now considered among the top 10 clubs in the top Spanish league La Liga.

Moreover, I would say we should be more grateful and happy with Real Betis players that caught the minds of the fans and made them stick around from generation to generation, and because of that, I will be mentioning the Real Betis’ best players of all time that gained the Spanish club their top position in La Liga and Europe.

So, without further words, let us quickly proceed –

Real Betis Best Player of All Time

1. Joaquín (RW)


Joaquín is the most respected player in the history of Real Betis, and because of that, he has a special place in the hearts of the Spanish’s club fans.

He has made 470+ appearances across two tenures in the club, and it is the most by a single player in Real Betis history. He also holds some records for goal-scoring and assists in the club.

From the first day of joining Real Betis to winning Copa del Rey with the club for the first time in nearly 30 years which was 2004/05, Joaquin has been loyal and committed to the club.

The Versatile winger has also been the driving force in most Real Bestis fruitful eras.

Before leaving the club in the just-concluded season, he was the captain and the key man to the club’s project in his time at the club.

As an attacking player, Joaquín has recorded at least 1.2 key passes per game in seven seasons, 1.3 key passes per match in the just-concluded season despite starting just one out of his 11 La Liga Appearances in the 2022/23 season including 1.2 dribbles per game in five seasons.

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2. Rafael Gordillo (LWB)

Rafael Gordillo

Just like Joaquín, Rafael Gordillo has a special place in the hearts of Real Betis fans’ hearts. The player joined Real Madrid and scored in a UEFA Cup Final, but before then he was a wonderful player for Real Betis even after he returned, he was still one.

As a left-wing back, Gordillo recorded over 300 appearances for Real Betis in two tenures, scoring 30+ goals despite not being an attacking midfielder, winger, or striker.

Rafael Gordiollo was part of the Real Betis squad that won the club its first Copa del Rey title in 1976/77, and from here Rafael Gordiolla established himself to be loved by the Spanish fans and also regarded himself as a player that everyone should love.

3. José Ramón Esnaola (GK)

José Ramón Esnaola

It is quite rare to find a player with more than 500 appearances in La Liga, and Real Sociedad and Real Betis legendary goalie José Ramón Esnaola is one of the players that hit this edge.

José Esnaola established himself as a Real Betis legend after recording a remarkable 378 appearances for the club, and this means that he spent the majority of his career in the Spanish club.

In the 1976/77 Copa del Rey final, he made history by saving 3 penalty shootouts and also scoring the winner for his side.

With the figures of appearances that he made, he stands out as a legend for the club, joining the club’s legend list where Joaquín is seen.

In addition, Real Bestis qualified for the UEFA Cup on multiple occasions with his goalkeeping skills.

4. Julio Cardeñosa (LM)

Julio Cardeñosa

Hearing the name Julio Cardeñosa might take you back to the memories and pains he caused against Brazil in the 1978 World Cup after a great miss, but he is indeed a great player that played for Real Betis from 1974 to 1985.

Cardeñosa recorded 338 appearances for Real Betis and moved on to managing the club for a season.

The left midfielder scored 42 goals for Real Betis with his left foot, and this made him one of the best players in La Liga during his days.

The player attracted more clubs, but Real Betis did not take any chances even with Barcelona.

5. Juanito (CB)


Juanito, a former Real Betis and Spanish former defender, enjoyed football during the 2000s in La Liga.

Juanito remarkably won the 2008 European championship with Spain while playing against Greece in the final.

The majority of his career was spent at Real Betis, making nearly 100 appearances with the B team.

The goal-stopping defender was also part of the Real Betis squad that won the Copa del Rey in the 2004/05 season and qualified for the UEFA Champions League.

As a defender, Juanito scored 4 goals that season to total 19 times goalscoring for the club in La Liga including 3 in the 2006/07 La Liga campaign.

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6. Rubén Castro (ST)

Rubén Castro

To date, Rubén Castro stands out as one of the greatest strikers in La Liga history and Betis’ history.

Castro has played for several teams, but his 100 appearances with Real Betis will always be remembered, where he established himself as one of the club’s most sharp strikers.

Castro played for Real Sociedad and registered 289 appearances which came along with 148 goals with 35 assists before securing a move to Betis for less than two million euros.

Arguably, Castro helped Real Betis achieve promotion two times with a combined 59 goals in those two seasons in Segunda.

In La Liga for Betis, Castro woefully scored 15 goals in three seasons, but that did not stop him from being recognized as a club legend.

7. Francisco Bizcocho (RB)

Francisco Bizcocho

Francisco Bizcocho is one of the most creative fullbacks in Betis history despite playing in the era of great attackers and strikers.

From 1971 to 1982, Bizcocho spent more than a decade securing nearly 300 appearances for the Spanish club.

He also scored in Bestis’ first Copa del Rey win in the penalty shootout and emerged himself to be loved by Béticos.

8. Juanjo Cañas (DM)

Juanjo Cañas

Juanjo Cañas is the first Defensive midfielder to join my list of best Real Betis players of all time. From 1991 to 2006, Juanjo made 300 appearances for the club in the midfield and was also maintaining the captaincy role.

He featured in the club’s 2004/05 historic moment when Los Verdes Blancos hosted the Copa del Rey tournament.

Cañas spent just two seasons out of Real Betis at Alcalá in the third division, and this made him respected by the Spanish fans and recognized as a true legend.

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9. Nabil Fekir (AM)

Nabil Fekir

Despite being loved by Lyon fans in Ligue 1, that did not stop Nabil Fekir from trying out the La Liga experience. Nabil Fekir barely lost the ball in the midfield as his skills were beyond this world.

Moreover, due to being a genius, Fekir bagged 18 goals and 17 assists in his first three seasons with Real Betis. In the 2021/22 season, Fekir recorded 2.5 key passes, 2.4 dribbles completed, and 2.7 fouls drawn per match.

10. Alfonso (ST)


After leaving Real Betis, Alfonso played for Marseille, Real Madrid, and Barcelona, but his best years were at Los Verdes Blancos.

Alfonso made slightly above 200 appearances for Betis, scoring around 70 professional goals to establish himself as a legend.

Alfonso positively impacted Real Madrid and Real Betis, winning the Copa del Rey with Betis in the 2004/05 tournament. He retired as the third-highest goal-scorer in the club’s history.

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Real Betis is a top-recognized club in European football though they might be lacking what it takes to be called one of the elite, a lot of players have made significant figures of appearances for them just as I have mentioned in this guide.

However, I would like to know which Real Betis best player of all time you like most in the comment section.

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